GOSIGN terms of use
  1. General provisions

The purpose of GoSign system (hereinafter referred to as the GoSign) is to store temporary, sign electronic documents in pdf format (hereinafter referred to as the documents) individually or by several persons and verify documents signed with the electronic signature.

Using GoSign services, loading or downloading documents or other information stored in GoSign, user agrees with the current Terms of use and must follow them in using GoSign.

A current version of the Terms of use is published on website These Terms of use are valid from 8 June 2015.

  1. Copyright

The entire GoSign content, including but not limited to the information, documents, except documents upload by the users, logos, software and services, is provided by the State Enterprise Centre of Registers (hereinafter referred to as the Centre of Registers) and service providers of the third parties. Copyright of GoSign belongs to the Centre of Registers. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, distribute in any form or using any means of GoSign without a written consent of the Centre of Registers. In case provision of GoSign services requires software of the third parties, a user himself/herself must take care of installing the said software and obtaining the licenses.

  1. GoSign users

GoSign document verification service may be used by all Internet users.

GoSign document signing service and the services for logged-in users may be used by the persons who have a valid e-signature issued by the Centre of Registers or the Identity Documents Personalisation Centre under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. The GoSign system supports using e-signature stored in the cryptographic USB, or smart cards (also in personal ID cards), or a mobile e-signature issued by mobile network operators UAB Bitė Lietuva, Telia Lietuva, AB, UAB Tele2 and UAB Teledema.

  1. Identification of users and protection of personal data

Users are identified using the on-line identification service which is provided by the Centre of Registers. During the identification process personal data is sent to GoSign and is managed in the manner prescribed by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania,

  1. User accounts and document size limits

GoSign provides a limited-size account for storage of the documents uploaded by the user; limitations may be set on the size of  the uploaded document. These parameters are set by GoSign and may be changed at the discretion of GoSign. Users shall be warned about the intention to reduce size of the account in advance in the GoSign system.

  1. Services provided to anonymous   users

An anonymous user can upload pdf document from his/her computer into GoSign and sign it with e-signature, or verify e-signatures of the loaded document.

  1. Services provided to the identified (logged-in) users

A user, who has identified himself/herself through, can upload and temporary store document, verify  sign, review, download, send by e-mail or delete  the uploaded or received document,. He/she can rename the uploaded document and invite other persons to sign it.

  1. Invitation to sign a document

A user can invite other persons to sign the document loaded by him/her. He/she can also add new recipients or delete (cancel) invitations which have been already sent. Invitation to sign a document is sent by e-mail.

A user who has received an invitation to sign a document can accept the invitation and after his/her identification can sign the document, or has the right to reject the invitation and refuse signing the document. After refusal of the invitation to sign the document or having signed the document, a user cannot cancel the action performed.

The sender of invitation can send a reminder to the invited persons who have not signed yet at intervals of at least 3 days (72 hours). Users who have refused the invitation to sign the document or have deleted the document from the list of his/her received documents will not receive a reminder.

In case the sender deletes the invitation or the document related to the invitation, the invitation to sign that document becomes invalid; however the user who has previously accepted the invitation can further review and download the document, send it by e-mail or delete from the list of his/her received documents. Removal of the document from GoSign does not waive signing of the document and validity of the signature.

  1. Signing of the document

Signing of the document with electronic signature is performed pursuant to the Rules for Electronic Signature approved by Order No v-159 of the Director General of the Centre of Registers as of 31 May 2012 On Approval of the Rules for Electronic Signature. The Rules are published on the website

Before signing a document with electronic signature, a user can review content of the document and indicate the purpose of signature, signing place, contact information. These data are additional and do not have effect upon validity of the signature itself. A user may select to visualize electronic signature in the document or do not visualize it. A user may select to add time-stamp to the electronic signature, or not. A user selects an electronic signature device and verifies signing by entering PIN.

The Law on Electronic Signature of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 2000, No 61-1827) prescribes that electronic signature used for signing an electronic document has the same legal power as the signature in paper documents and it is admissible as a proof in court.

There is no possibility to cancel the fact of signing the document in the GoSign system.

  1. Verification of the document

Validity of the electronic signature of the signed document is verified according to the Rules for the Electronic Signature.

A user selects to verify validity of electronic signatures of the signed document and GoSign, having verified components of electronic signatures, reports back its findings to the user about validity of signatures of the documents and additional information on the signature.

  1. Storage of documents

Documents loaded for signing or verification by anonymous users are not stored in GoSign, except for cases, when having signed the document or having verified it, a user logs-in to GoSign and such a document is saved to his/her account.

Documents loaded and stored in GoSign are accessible only for the persons who loaded them and for the persons who are invited by the user to sign the document. Using the functionality of sending by e-mail, a user transfers the document to the third parties and is responsible for the consequences of this action.

Inviting other persons to sign a document, a sender understands that the invited person who has accepted the invitation is granted the right to review the document, to download it and send it by e-mail, to see a list of all signatories of the document (also the persons invited to sign), a list of document events and information on all electronic signatures on the document which is provided using the functionality of verification of the document.

GoSign ensures that only that person is able to use the received invitation whose name and surname match with the name and surname given in the invitation.

Sending the document by e-mail or an invitation to sign a document, a sender has a possibility to give instructions to the recipients in the message text regarding restrictions on disposal of the document or confidentiality of the document content. GoSign shall not be responsible in case recipients of a document or an invitation do not keep to the instructions of the sender.

  1. Account removal

User willing to delete his account may effectuate it following this link: Account removal. Removal of user account will delete uploaded or received documents and related history. Account removal does not withdraw the validity of e.signature of previously signed and distributed documents.

  1. Fee for the services

All services are provided to GoSign users for free unless a separate notification is sent. The third parties can set fees for a possibility to use e-signature services necessary for the work with GoSign.

  1. Responsibility

GoSign does not check and control the content of documents loaded by the users. A user who has loaded the documents shall bear the responsibility for the content of documents, their validity and observation of copyright.

GoSign shall not undertake to store documents loaded by the users for indefinite term and shall not be responsible for the accidental loss of the documents.

The Centre of Registers shall not bear the responsibility for possible GoSign failures or inaccessibility and shall not cover users’ expenses, direct or indirect losses or the lost profit; it also shall not compensate for inconveniences suffered by the users.

  1. Support, proposals and remarks

 Support and consultations shall be given on the website Proposals and remarks can be sent to the following e-mail: